Examples of Arbitrations

AWARDS: Examples of awards

  • LCIA appointed sole arbitrator and chair on numerous disputes related to defaults under loan facilities
  • Party appointed arbitrator on dispute related to recoverability of hedging losses
  • LCIA appointed sole arbitrator in relation to IT dispute for platform construction
  • Sole arbitrator on dispute related to ship vetting clauses by oil majors
  • Sole arbitrator appointed on default under multiple MOA for sale of vessels (NSF 1993 form)
  • Party appointed arbitrator on disputes arising out of ship-to-ship transfer operations
  • Party appointed arbitrator on accounting under ship management agreement
  • Tribunal Chair and party appointed arbitrator on a numbr of unsafe port claims
  • Party appointed arbitrator on interpretation of exclusion clause in the BP Crude Oil Terms
  • Very broad range of Awards in connection with shipping, trade and banking awards - miscellaneous

APPOINTMENTS: Examples of appointments

  • Broad range of appointments in relation to all manner of contract disputes in the shipping, trade and banking sector
  • Party appointed in hedging dispute
  • Party appointed arbitrator in Stockholm Chamber of Commerce dispute in connection alleged delivery failures under various contracts
  • Party appointed as LME arbitrator in connection with disputed deliveries under contract
  • Party appointed under ad hoc arbitration in relation to claim against shipyard following casualty on maiden voyage
  • Appointed as sole arbitrator in relation to alleged default under performance guarantee for construction project
  • Multiple appointments as Tribunal Chair under multiple contracts in relation to damaged cargoes and charterparty disputes
  • Party appointed arbitrator in relation to alleged non-performance of charterparty and subsequent cancellation of the charterparty
  • Numerous appointments (as sole and party nominated arbitrator) in relation to demurrage claims under various different forms of charterparty
  • Party appointed arbitrator in relation to default under MOA (NSF 1993)
  • Party appointed arbitrator in relation to legitimacy of charterers' orders