Services: Alternative Dispute Resolution

I am a commercial arbitrator and mediator, with particular expertise in banking & financial services, commodities & maritime, construction & energy.

Arbitrator:  I am regularly appointed in relation to a very broad range of commercial disputes as sole or party appointed arbitrator, and by other arbitrators as chair or umpire. Institutional and ad hoc appointments (e.g. LMAA, LCIA, ICC, LME, FOSFA, SCC, Ad hoc).

Mediator:  I accept appointments as either a facilitative or an evaluative mediator. A facilitative mediator facilitates the parties in exploring a range of potential solutions but, unlike the evaluative mediator, does not form or express an opinion on the merits or potential settlement. 

My approach to mediation

I approach mediation as a golden, sometimes only opportunity for the parties to take control and enter into a business transaction that closes-out the dispute. I encourage the parties to treat it from the outset as an opportunity to do a commerical deal, a trade of their choice and put distance between themselves and the language associated with disputes, such as "litigation risk", "percentage chance" etc.  It is either that, or the parties will have imposed upon them a win or lose outcome by a third party (Judge or Arbitral Tribunal). My approach is novel and is informed by my time in-house.

Terms and Conditions available upon request.